The Treaty of Nice and Beyond

Enlargement and Constitutional Reform

Edited by: John Usher, Mads Andenas

Designed to succeed previous books on the Maastricht and Amsterdam treaties, this new work includes contributions from leading EU lawyers assessing the Nice Treaty and the Post-Nice process, which is rapidly developing in the lead-up to the next Intergovernmental conference. The book's central theme is the discussion of a European Constitution and European Constitutionalism. The new constitutional balance after institutional reform, the Luxembourg courts after Nice, the future of the three pillar Treaty structure and the Human Rights charter are the other main topics. Among the contributors are the editors, Professor Stephen Weatherill (Oxford), Professor Noreen Burrows (Glasgow), Professor J?rgen Schwarze (Freiburg), Professor Paul Craig (Oxford), Professor Jo Shaw (Manchester) Steve Peers (Essex) Professor Piet Eeckhout (King's College, London) and Professor Alan Dashwood (Cambridge).

440 pages

Publication Date: 11/15/2003
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841133393

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