Getting a PhD in Law

By Cian C Murphy, Caroline Morris

Getting a PhD in Law is a unique guide to obtaining the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of Law in the UK. While there are a wide range of study guides for PhD students in the social sciences and other science-based disciplines, there is very little information available on the process of obtaining a PhD in law. Research degrees in law share some attributes with those in related disciplines, such as the humanities and social sciences. However, the legal methodology and the place of the PhD in the young lawyer's career creates unique challenges that have not been addressed by existing guides. Getting a PhD in Law fills this gap, providing an accessible guide to the process, from topic selection to thesis publication. This readable and informative guide is written by two graduates of the successful PhD program at the School of Law, King's College London. The book draws on interviews and case studies with students, supervisors, and examiners. Getting a PhD in Law will be essential reading for the growing numbers of PhD students in the UK's many law schools, as well as those internationally who wish to learn from the UK's best practice.

158 pages

Publication Date: 9/1/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781841133065