Punishing Juveniles

Principle and Critique

Edited by: Ido Weijers, Antony Duff

Today, juvenile justice is more controversial than ever. Should our treatment of young offenders differ from that of adult offenders? What role should ideas of punishment play? Should our goals be rehabilitative and educative rather than punitive? Should we divert young offenders from the criminal justice system altogether, opting for "restorative" rather than "retributive" justice? These questions are addressed in this interdisciplinary volume, which brings together criminologists, educationalists, psychologists and philosophers. Part I traces the history of juvenile justice. Part II tackles fundamental normative issues of punishment, moral education and restoration. Part III looks at shame and guilt, paying particular attention to Braithwaite's conception of reintegrative shaming.

224 pages

Publication Date: 9/6/2002
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841132846

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