Joint Ventures in English and German Law

Edited by: Eva Micheler, D.D. Prentice

Business between England and Germany has flourished in recent years and looks set to continue to develop in coming years. This collection examines the legal framework of joint ventures between English and German companies. It addresses the laws in these two countries and draws helpful comparisons between the two. The contributions point out pitfalls that lawyers who are not familiar with both German and English law are likely to overlook and which may cause major problems when joint venture companies are established. This book consists of four parts, written by a team of leading German and English lawyers, specialising in this field. The first part deals with the formation of a joint venture company and the obligations of its members. It also addresses the law and legal practice relating to memoranda of understanding, warranties and indemnities, joint venture agreements, and the valuation of contributions. The second part concerns the management of joint venture companies. It analyses how shareholders can influence management decisions, the rights and obligations of directors and parent companies, as well as the legal position of minority shareholders. This part also describes the relevant laws protecting employees. The third part addresses European Union as well as English and German competition law. The last part deals with the termination of joint ventures. It presents and analyses several popular termination clauses including Russian Roulette, pre-emption rights, and rights of first refusal.

304 pages

Publication Date: 8/4/2000
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841131061

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