Legal Framework of the Single European Currency

Edited by: Neil Walker, S Beaumont

This collection features essays by leading experts in European public law on the most significant initiative in European integration of the past decade. After introductory essays on the legal and economic foundation and political context of the Euro, the book concentrates on the articulation of Monetary Union with other aspects of the legal and political order of the EU. The constitutional status of the institutions of Monetary Union is assessed, as is the relationship between Monetary Union and the broader administrative structure and social objectives of the EU. A final essay considers the implications of the Euro on the cohesiveness of the European legal order in the early years of the next century. This highly topical book is the first of its kind and seeks to address, in a comprehensive manner, the relationship between the single currency and the European legal order

224 pages

Publication Date: 8/23/1999
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781841130019

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