'A Failed Political Entity'

Charles Haughey and the Northern Ireland Question, 1945-1992

By Stephen Kelly

Contributions by: Vincent Browne

Charles Haughey maintained one of the most controversial and brilliant careers in the history of Irish politics, but for every stage in his mounting success there was one issue that complicated, and almost devastated, his ambitions to lead Irish politics: Northern Ireland. Stephen Kelly uncovers the complex and stunning motives that underlie Haughey's fervent attitude towards the political and sectarian violence that was raging across the border. Early in Haughey's governmental career he took a hard line against the IRA, leading many to think he was antipathetic towards the situation in the North. Then, in the most defining scandal in the history of modern Ireland, he was accused of funding the passage of arms to Northern Republicans. His career was nearly ended, but the question of the North would deftly serve to bring Haughey back to power as Taoiseach. Through recent access to an astonishing array of classified documents, Stephen Kelly confronts every controversy, including examining the Haughey-Thatcher relationship, allegations that Haughey played a key part in the formation of the Provisional IRA, and speculations that he had a leading hand in the peace process. 'A Failed Political Entity' is set to define the character of this most polarising politician on the issue that revealed his most candid political motives. [Subject: Politics, Irish Studies, History, Biography]~

Publication Date: 12/14/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781785370984