Irish Doctors in the First World War

By J.P. Duignan, K.T. Cullen, P.J. Casey

Contributions by: Kevin Myers

This unique book records the experiences of Irish doctors who joined the British armed forces during World War I. It describes their journey from the relative calm of a pre-war medical career to the horrors of the battlefield. Over 240 Irish doctors lost their lives in the conflict, many with no known grave. The courageous and selfless actions of these doctors, while assisting their comrades under military fire, is explored in a comprehensive yet human account of the key battles and the medical care developed to deal with the aftermath of battle. Included in the book is the indispensable 'Directory of Irish Doctors,' which is compiled from available records and publications. Each profile contains the name, family details, and military record, including medals and honors awarded, where the information was available. This record, by its very nature and extent, is a fitting and lasting tribute to the Irish medical personnel who risked everything and sacrificed their lives. [Subject: Irish Studies, Military History, World War I, Medicine, Reference]

Publication Date: 6/15/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781785370045