Community Care Law and Local Authority Handbook

Third Edition

Edited by: Jonathan Butler

This handbook examines the duties and responsibilities of the UK's local authorities in the provision of community care services following the implementation of the UK's Care Act 2014. Community Care Law and Local Authority Handbook brings together all the statutory materials that comprise legal framework, together with related materials, such as Codes of Guidance and extracts from leading judgments. The materials are complemented by the author's expert commentary explaining how the various statutes interrelate and how they have been interpreted by the courts. The result is a handbook that provides the practitioner with the tools required to deal with this important area of UK law. Contents include: Mental Health Act * Capacity and the Court of Protection * Assessing Needs * Provision of Accommodation * Local Authority Duty towards Younger People and Disabled Children * Finance and Charging * Health and Social Care * Social Housing * Asylum Support. [Subject: Social Care Law, Mental Health Law]

Publication Date: 10/5/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781784730888