Jordans Irish Company Secretarial Precedents

Fifth Edition

By Paul Egan, Claire Lord, Liam Brazil

The purpose of this book is to provide precedents to cover situations faced by a company secretary or professional adviser in relation to the management of private limited companies under Irish companies' legislation. On June 1, 2015, the Companies Act 2014 came into force in Ireland. This Act repealed almost the entire Companies Acts 1963 to 2013 (with the exception of some EU derived securities law) and consolidated them in a single act. All Irish laws relating to the formation, management, share capital, insolvency, and investigation of companies are now contained in the Companies Act 2014. One of the most significant changes brought about by the Companies Act 2014 was the introduction of two types of private company limited by shares: the private company limited by shares (or the LTD); and the designated activity company limited by shares (or the DAC). The LTD is a simplified form of private company limited by shares to which a range of streamlined governance reforms apply, while the DAC is more similar to the form of private company limited by shares that existed under the (now repealed) Companies Acts 1963 to 2013. This fifth edition updates both the commentary and the statutory forms and precedents contained in the book, so as to bring them into compliance with the new regime.

Publication Date: 5/31/2016
Format: Cloth & CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781784730420

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