National Security Law in Ireland

By Eoin O'Connor

National Security Law in Ireland addresses national security law in the context of the criminal trial, examining the use of informers, surveillance and interception, and national security law issues outside the criminal context.National security law is becoming increasingly relevant in the fields of immigration and asylum law and media law in that can affect newspapers' ability to publish stories which concern national security issues. Therefore this book, as well as dealing with criminal law, also covers a broader panoply of subjects of interest to lawyers and the layperson. Contents: Chapter 1 Theoretical Perspectives on National Security LawChapter 2 - National Security and the Courts Chapter 3 - National Security and the Oireachtas Chapter 4 - Coercive Interrogation and the Law on Intelligence Sharing Part 2 - National Security, the Criminal Trial and the Prosecution of Terrorism Chapter 5 - National Security and the Law Relating to Surveillance Chapter 6 -National Security and the Interception of Communications Chapter 7 - Informer Privilege: Its Origins And Development Chapter 8 - The Right To A Fair Trial And The Right To Confrontation Chapter 9 - 'Special Crime', Informer Privilege And Confrontation Chapter 10 - Informers And 'Ordinary' Crime Chapter 11 - Informers And 'Special Measures' Chapter 12 - Informer Handling Chapter 13 - Entrapment Chapter 14 - Informers and The Witness Protection Programme In Ireland Chapter 15 - Conclusion - National Security and the Criminal Trial Part 3 - National Security outside of the Criminal Context Chapter 16 - National Security and Immigration/Asylum Chapter 17 - National Security versus the Principle of Open Justice Chapter 18 - National Security, Foreign Policy and Justiciability

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