Refugee and Asylum Law in Ireland

By Tim O'Connor

Refugee and Asylum Law in Ireland is structured around the International Protection Act 2015, which is a restatement of the law that has built up around the Refugee Act 1996 over the past two decades. The aim of the Act, according to the Government, is to bring Ireland into line with the rest of the EU by introducing a single application procedure and to reduce the length of time people spend in the direct provision system. This book offers detailed commentary on practice and procedure in this area. It will provide lawyers and law students with a complete analysis of international protection law, as well as guidance on how it applies in Ireland. Also covered are areas such as appealing to the International Protection Appeals Tribunal and how to challenge its decisions. [Subject: Human Rights Law, Irish Law, Immigration & Asylum Law]

Not Yet Published
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781784516628