Corporate Insolvency: Employment Rights

By David Pollard

Corporate Insolvency: Employment Rights is the only book of its kind to successfully bridge the gap between the two distinct disciplines of employment and corporate insolvency law by drawing out the legal principles applicable where the different legal regimes interact. How this book can help you in your work Providing in-depth analysis and drawing together legislation, case law, analysis and comment Corporate Insolvency: Employment Rights focuses on the application of the rules relating to corporate insolvency and how they impact on employees. It explains the detailed elements of this specialist field of law and practice, providing a useful base on which to answer questions that are likely to arise, for example: How is the position of employees affected by the appointment of an insolvency practitioner over their employing company? Who is liable and what priority is given to past or future claims?

Publication Date: 12/29/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781784514679