Companies Act 2014: 2017 Edition

The redrafting of the Companies Acts 1963-2012 ushered in significant changes to Irish company law and all company law practitioners and company law students in Ireland will need to be up to speed with the new Act's provisions. In this new edition, the Companies Act 2014 is updated to account for all changes to it, up to and including the Companies (Accounting) Act 2017. It has also been updated by a large number of statutory instruments and these changes have been incorporated into this new edition. The Companies Act 2014 is the only fully consolidated, single-volume, hard-copy edition of this Act. Amending Acts include: Companies (Accounting) Act 2017 (9/2017), Finance (Certain European Union and Intergovernmental Obligations) Act 2016 (13/2016), Credit Guarantee (Amendment) Act 2016 (1/2016), Legal Services Regulation Act 2015 (65/2015), Harbours Act 2015 (61/2015), National Cultural Institutions (National Concert Hall) Act 2015 (44/2015), Workplace Relations Act 2015 (16/2015), Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicles Act 2015 (2/2015) [Subject: Company Law, Irish Law]~

Publication Date: 10/12/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781784514044

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