The Law of Limited Liability Partnerships

Fourth Edition

By John Whittaker, John Machell QC

The Law of Limited Liability Partnerships is the leading text on this increasingly popular business entity in the UK. Containing practical guidance, as well as in-depth analysis of problem areas, it comprehensively sets out the law of limited liability partnerships in England and Wales. This fourth edition has been brought completely up to date and now also includes chapters on UK employment and worker status (2012 Court of Appeal decision in Tiffin v. Lester Aldridge LLP, and 2014 Supreme Court decision in Bates van Winkelhof v. Clyde & Co LLP) and discrimination and whistleblower protection as it affects LLPs. It also contains commentary on recent UK case law, such as: Flanagan v Liontrust Investment Partners LLP in relation to the application of the doctrine of repudiation * F&C Alternative Investments (Holdings) Limited v. Francois Barthelemy and others in relation to members' duties * Inversiones Frieira SL v. Colyzeo Investors II LP and Hilton v. D IV LLP in relation to partners'/members' rights to access information * Reinhard v Ondra LLP in relation to the formation of LLP agreements. [Subject: Business Law, Contract Law, Labor Law]

Publication Date: 4/7/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781784510763