Constructing the Person in EU Law

Rights, Roles, Identities

Edited by: Loic Azoulai, Segolene Barbou des Places, Etienne Pataut

The person is the figure which the European Union intends to place 'at the heart of its activities'. It is central category in EU economy, politics and ethics. This innovative edited collection argues that the EU Law has had a transformative effect on this category. Taking a two part approach, it firstly looks at the mechanisms used when constructing the person in EU law. Once that is established, the collection goes beyond the traditional literature on 'Europe and the Individual', exploring the question from a critical and contextual perspective. Bringing together world experts to debate the question of personhood, this collection represents important and rigorous scholarship on this key question. [Subject: European Law, Legal Philosophy]

Publication Date: 7/23/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781782259336