Fundamental Texts on European Private Law

Second Edition

Edited by: Oliver Radley-Gardner, Hugh Beale, Reinhard Zimmermann, Reiner Schulze

Among the most significant legal developments of our time is the emergence of a European private law. The European Union enacts directives which profoundly affect the practice, teaching and study of core areas of 'classical' private law. Internationally commissions have formulated principles of European trusts, contract and commercial law. Furthermore, uniform private law can be found in a number of international conventions. This second edition gathers together fundamental texts from these three sources into one convenient volume. Its emphasis is on general civil and commercial law, particularly on the obligations and property aspects of these. This second edition is a adapted to an English language audience from the original German edition, now in its 5th edition. [Subject: European Law, Contract Law, Restitution Law, Commercial Law, Private Law]

Publication Date: 11/3/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781782258643