Uniformity of Customs Administration in the European Union

By Kathrin Limbach

Uniform customs administration is of great importance for the EU and the competitiveness of EU businesses in global trade. However, the so-called executive federalism raises the potential for the non-uniform application of EU customs law. This problem has already arisen in the WTO dispute settlement European Communities - Selected Customs Matters. Therefore, the central research question of this book looks at the challenge presented to Executive Federalism in the EU Customs Union by the WTO. The book also examines the safeguard measures for the uniform customs administration which are in operation. Valuable empirical analysis of the decision making procedures and practices of the national customs authorities allows for the fullest understanding of the operation of the customs administration. An important feature of this exploration is its analysis of the reform of EU customs law and of the effectiveness of the EU's strategies to enhance uniform customs administration. This analysis helps to identify potential weak points in the decentralized administration of EU customs law and suggests ways in which it might be improved. Scholarly, rigorous, and timely, this important study will be required reading for all scholars of EU customs law. (Series: Modern Studies in European Law) [Subject: EU Law, Customs Law, Economic Law, Trade Law]

Publication Date: 11/19/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781782256724