European Capital Markets Law

Second Edition

Edited by: Rudiger Veil

European capital markets law has developed rapidly in recent years. The former directives have been replaced by regulations and numerous implementing legal acts aimed at ensuring a level playing field across the EU. The financial crisis has given further impetus to the development of a European supervisory structure. This book systematizes the European law and examines the underlying concepts from a broadly interdisciplinary perspective. National experiences in selected Member States-Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom-are also explored. The first chapter deals with the foundations of capital markets law in Europe, the second explains the basics, and the third examines the rules ensuring market integrity. Chapter four explores the disclosure system and chapter five the roles of intermediaries, such as financial analysts, rating agencies, and proxy advisers. Short selling and high frequency trading is described in chapter six. Chapter seven deals with financial services and chapter eight explains compliance and corporate governance in investment firms. Chapter nine illustrates the regulation of benchmarks. Finally, chapter ten deals with public takeovers. Throughout the book, emphasis is placed on legal practice and frequent reference is made to the key decisions of supervisory authorities and courts. [Subject: European Law, Financial Law]

Publication Date: 4/6/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781782256526