Common Interests in International Litigation

A Case Study on Natural Resource Exploitation Disputes

By Claire Buggenhoudt

How are common interests protected in international dispute settlements? What is the role of the different courts and tribunals? Why is the case law on common interests inconsistent? Do we need more consistency for a better protection of common interests? Common Interests in International Litigation provides answers to questions that arise in international litigation as a result of an increasing recognition of common interests in this field and an ever-expanding network of specialised judicial bodies. It studies the case law of a number of international courts, focusing on international litigation concerning natural resource exploitation. This is a theme closely linked to a number of common interests, one which has been considered by a number of courts dealing with human rights, international security, international trade, international investment, the law of the sea, and more. This study aims to bring together the case law of these diverse judicial bodies to develop a common approach to common interests in international litigation. In contrast to previous studies that have focused on the approach to common or public interests in distinct legal regimes, this book offers an overview of the issue traversing traditional boundaries between legal regimes. It will be of particular interest to practitioners of international law and scholars specialising in the field seeking to broaden their horizons, and essential reading to all those interested in the enforcement of common interests at the international level. Dissertation. (Series: Law and Cosmopolitan Values, Vol. 10) [Subject: International Law, Litigation Law, Public Law]

Publication Date: 4/28/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781780684468