Introduction to South Pacific Law

Fourth Edition

By Jennifer Corrin, Don Paterson

The only book of its kind, Introduction to South Pacific Law provides an overview of law in the South Pacific. It sets out the framework of South Pacific legal systems and also describes the substantive law on a broad range of topics. Examining both state laws and customary law, the book highlights common patterns and explains some of the principal differences between the laws and legal systems of the countries of the region. The introductory chapter looks at the development of South Pacific law and at South Pacific jurisprudence. Individual chapters are devoted to state laws, customary law, constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, family law, contract law, torts law, land law, and the court system. The book makes extensive reference to legislative provisions and case law of individual jurisdictions. Including a discussion of recent changes in the law, this new edition will be a useful and up-to-date resource for all those interested in the law of the region. [Subject: South Pacific Law, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law]

Publication Date: 1/5/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780684123

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