Facing the Past

Amending Historical Injustices Through Instruments of Transitional Justice

Edited by: Peter Malcontent

How do societies at the national and international level try to overcome historical injustices? What remedies did they develop to do justice to victims of large scale atrocities? And, even more important, what have we learned from the implementation of these so-called instruments of transitional justice in practice? Lawyers, socials scientists, and historians have published shelves full of books and articles on how to confront the past through international criminal tribunals, truth commissions, financial compensation schemes, and other instruments of retributive/punitive and restorative justice. A serious problem continues to be that broad interdisciplinary accounts that include both categories of measures are still hardly available. In this volume, a group of international experts in the field endeavors to fill this gap, and more. By alternating historical overviews with critical assessments, this volume does not only offer an extensive introduction to the world of transitional justice, but also food for thought concerning the effectiveness of the remedies it offers to face the past successfully. (Series: Series on Transitional Justice, Vol. 21) [Subject: Human Rights Law, Criminal Justice]

Publication Date: 7/29/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781780684031