Denialism and Human Rights

Edited by: Roland Moerland, Hans Nelen, Jan C.M. Willems

The safeguarding of human rights remains highly problematic, despite the proliferation of human rights instruments and the many actions taken by a variety of actors over the past decades. Human rights violations do still occur on a large scale and injustice remains rampant. Central to this problem appears to be that social, economic, cultural, and political structures in societies provide denialist defense mechanisms. Such deeply embedded denialism causes and/or facilitates human rights violations, because the true nature of the problems involved remains fully or partly unacknowledged and, as a result, appropriate action remains absent. In order to safeguard the effectuation of human rights, it is thus pertinent to acknowledge and address this problem of denialism and develop strategies to move beyond it. In 2015, an international conference was organized on the theme of Denialism and Human Rights which brought together scholars, practitioners, and students from various disciplines and fields to unearth and address denialism in the context of their own particular area of research. The present volume contains a unique collection of papers that were presented during the conference. The content of the papers ranges from more general reflections on the theme of denialism and human rights to more specific areas of research that are relevant in terms of denialism, such as: genocide, children's rights, the role of (inter)national organisations, penology, and social, economic and cultural rights. (Series:?Maastricht Series in Human Rights) [Subject:?Human Rights Law, Criminal Justice, Genocide]~~

Publication Date: 6/24/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780683690