The Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council

A brief look from the inside and perspectives from outside

Edited by: Humberto Cantu Rivera

'Special Procedures' is the collective name given to the different mandates of Independent Experts, Special Rapporteurs, and Working Groups in the field of human rights, appointed by the United Nations' Human Rights Council (and formerly by the now-defunct Commission on Human Rights), with the purpose of developing international human rights standards, receiving communications, visiting States, and generally advancing international human rights law and practice. They have been considered the "crown jewel" of the UN, for they symbolize a beacon of hope for victims of human rights abuses worldwide. This volume contributes to the dissemination of the work undertaken by different mandate-holders for the protection of human rights. The former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and six acting UN human rights experts from different mandates (some of whom have now moved to other positions within the UN human rights machinery) shed light on different aspects of their work. By sharing their own reflections, experiences, and expectations, they provide an insider's view of the work undertaken by their mandates to promote the respect, protection, and fulfilment of human rights in all corners of the globe. Additionally, the book includes contributions from leading human rights law practitioners at the local level, who share their thoughts on the interaction and influence of international human rights law in the domestic sphere. [Subject: International Law, Human Rights Law]

Publication Date: 8/31/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780683447