The Child in ICC Proceedings

By Helen Beckmann-Hamzei

International law and state practices mirror the recognition of children's particular need for protection during peacetime. The prosecution of international crimes committed against children (presented before international courts and tribunals) is also well embedded. While international prosecutions are thus in line with the overall development of protecting children from the consequences of armed conflict and large scale violence, the involvement of the child in international criminal proceedings also gives rise to new questions which relate to the procedural involvement of the child. As child participation in the proceedings before the International Criminal Court (ICC) constitutes a matter of fact, one may raise the question as to whether such participation is a welcome development. This book examines the procedural implications of child participation and thereby contributes legal views and perspectives to the underlying debate on the adequacy of child participation in ICC proceedings. The book concludes with ten recommendations that underline the question. (Series: School of Human Rights Research - Vol. 70) [Subject: International Law, Human Rights Law, Children's Law, Criminal Law]

Publication Date: 9/3/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780683393