A way of life

By Rudy Aernoudt, Marc Van Rompaey

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. However, studies show that entrepreneurship still remains a structural and cultural anomaly in continental Europe. Starting from this hypothesis, this book shows how Europe could be made entrepreneurship friendly. Entrepreneurship is discussed from start to growth, and the book pleads for an environment where an entrepreneurship culture can be developed whereby success is applauded and failure tolerated. This is the only way to create sustainable growth and employment. In relation to policy, the book shows that classical subsidy policy often has a perverse effect, keeping alive lame ducks and hindering real entrepreneurs in their growth. Subsidies kill the economy. Incubators and innovative financing tools - such as business angels, crowd-funding, and seed money - are discussed as a real alternative allowing entrepreneurs to undertake new projects. However, these instruments only make sense in an entrepreneurial environment. A radical shift towards entrepreneurship policy is therefore needed, guaranteeing a prosperous economy and much better value for public money. Entrepreneurship should be(come) a way of life. [Subject: Economics, Business]

Publication Date: 7/8/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780683133