Research Guide to Instruments of European Regional Organizations

Second edition

By Stefaan Smis, Frederic Eggermont

This second edition is the product of years of teaching experience in methodology of law in the capital of Europe. It focuses on how to find and use instruments of European regional organizations. The book is mainly intended to be a practical instrument for students of an advanced level, as well as for lawyers and public servants who work in the field of European law. In a practical way, the book offers a detailed description on how to do research in sources of European law in the most efficient way, with the different sources of European law examined. It provides an answer to a variety of questions one may be confronted with when dealing with European law: What are these sources? Where can they be found? And, how are they interpreted? The main focus lies on the wide range of electronic databases on European law, although reference is also made to the traditional way of finding sources. The use of screenshots and clear examples make this book a very practical instrument so that every person who deals with European law on a permanent or occasional basis will value it as an extremely useful tool. "Thankfully, faith in method is restored through a task successfully undertaken and completed by the authors of this work. [...] This work is intended to serve as a compass to anyone who needs to safely navigate the waters of European regional organisation research, and it serves its purpose well. The authors make their presentation and analysis in a consice, informative and direct way that is comfortable even with those who are unfamiliar with the subject. Overall, this book is recommended both as a starting point and as reference material." -- A.G. Fessas in 2010 Revue Hell?nique de droit international 1021 [Subject: European Law, Legal Reference]

Publication Date: 3/26/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780683119

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