Europe at the Edge of Pluralism

Edited by: Dorota Gozdecka, Magdalena Kmak

This volume tackles contemporary problems of legal accommodation of diversity in Europe and recent developments in the area in diverse European legal regimes. Despite professing the motto 'Unity in Diversity,' Europe appears to be struggling with discord rather than unity. Legal discussions reflect a crisis when it comes to matters of migration, accommodation of minorities, and dealing with the growing heterogeneity of European societies. The book illustrates that the current legal conundrums stem from European oscillation between, on the one hand, acknowledging the need of accommodation, and, on the other, the tendencies to preserve existing legal traditions. It claims that these opposite tendencies have led Europe to the edge of pluralism. This 'edge' - just as with the linguistic interpretation of the word 'edge' - carries multiple meanings, conveying a plethora of problems encountered by law when dealing with diversity. The book explores and illustrates these multiple 'edges of pluralism,' tracing back their origins and examining the contemporary legal conundrums they have led to. Europe at the Edge of Pluralism encourages readers to explore whether there are fundamental problems with approaches to diversity. And, if so, can they be rescued from their current precarious position? It asks whether Europe at the edge is truly capable of uniting in diversity and developing a constructive approach to its growing pluralism. (Series: Ius Commune: European and Comparative Law - Vol. 134) [Subject: Socio-Legal Studies, European Law, Human Rights Law]

Publication Date: 5/18/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780683065