The Energy Community

A New Energy Governance System

Edited by: Dirk Busschle, Kim Talus

Founded ten years ago to bring stability and investment to the war-torn countries of southeast Europe, the Energy Community has developed into Europe's key instrument to secure energy supplies. Recent developments in Ukraine, one of the Energy Community's members, as well as the incipient debate to create an Energy Union, highlight the importance of this organization and its ever-increasing future relevance. Unlike other international organizations in the energy sphere, the Energy Community is based on the rule of law - namely European energy, competition, and environmental law exported to non-EU countries - as well as pan-European integration. It features a unique set of institutions and procedures. This book offers unprecedented insight into all the relevant aspects of the Energy Community, including the ongoing debate on reform. It is written by officials of the Energy Community and other international organizations, as well as academics and practitioners from legal and consultancy professions. [Subject: European Law, Energy Law, Competition Law, Environmental Law]

Publication Date: 8/10/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780683027