International Actors and Traditional Justice in Sub-Saharan Africa

Policies and Interventions in Transitional Justice and Justice Sector Aid

Edited by: Eva Brems, Giselle Corradi, Martien Schotsmans

This book studies the role of international actors in the areas of transitional justice and justice sector aid with respect to traditional justice and legal pluralism in sub-Saharan Africa. Based on a number of case studies, the book describes the kinds of policies and interventions that are supported and financed by international actors, with special attention for the kinds of strategies that are deployed, in order to address areas of tension with human rights. The book then explores the relationship between international actors' practices and the body of knowledge that exists in these domains, as well as in general socio-legal theory. Thereby, the book's contributions offer empirical data drawn from examples of who is doing what in a series of case studies. The book formulates a number of hypotheses that may explain current trends and proposes additional issues that need to be considered in future research agendas. Finally, the book links two fields of intervention that have so far evolved in rather parallel ways, and it explores the commonalities and differences that can be found in the areas of transitional justice and justice sector aid. [Subject: International Law, African Law, Transitional Justice, Socio-Legal Studies, Human Rights Law]

Publication Date: 2/20/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780682877