All Human Rights for All

Vienna Guidebook on Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

Edited by: Manfred Nowak, Ursula Werther-Pietsch

In 2018, worldwide, more than half of the poor will live in conflict-affected countries. This striking fact requires due attention in the years to come. However, peace, justice, and prosperity do not materialize overnight. Matters of realpolitik and failures need to be factored in. This guidebook intends to put a human rights lens on international peacebuilding and statebuilding. It will clarify concepts of human security and resilience, leading the effort to make human rights an enabler for peaceful and inclusive societies. A team of excellent human rights lawyers and practitioners, as well as inter-disciplinary research institutes, contributed to the book. [Subject: Human Rights Law]

Publication Date: 8/25/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780682686