Handbook of Shale Gas Law and Policy

Economics, Access, Law and Regulation in Key Jurisdictions

Edited by: Tina Hunter

In the UK, petroleum law and policy to date has focused on the oil and gas resources in the North Sea, and their regulation over the last 50 years. However, a new source of petroleum in the UK is emerging - that of the unconventional petroleum resource of shale gas. This thematic book considers shale gas law and regulation. While there is a focus on the UK, the book also places it within a wider global context. Rather than a theoretical focus, the book offers a practical, applicable focus, so that the reader can apply the legal principles and policies to their jurisdiction. Handbook of Shale Gas Law and Policy focuses on five major themes: overview and introduction to shale gas activities * shale gas economics and energy security * access to shale gas resources * shale gas law and regulation * the future of shale gas. (Series: Energy and Law, Vol. 18) [Subject: Energy Law]

Publication Date: 7/8/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781780682426