EU Crisis Management After Lisbon

A New Model to Address Security Challenges in the 21st Century?

By Nicoletta Pirozzi

This book analyzes the approach of the European Union to crisis management after the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, and it assesses the EU's suitability for addressing current and future security threats. The book primarily provides a framework of analysis with which to interpret current EU crisis management, as both a product of the innovations of the Lisbon Treaty and its interaction with the international security environment. It also offers a comprehensive and in-depth examination of the post-Lisbon crisis management system, in terms of concepts, structures, process, and capabilities. A reality check of this system is conducted by analyzing a number of case studies in which the EU recently carried out a crisis management role: the civilian missions EUCAP Sahel Niger, EUCAP Nestor, and EUAVSEC South Sudan, as well as the military operation EUTM Mali. This analysis sheds light on the modalities selected by the EU for intervening in crisis situations, the impact that its interventions have produced, and the lessons that the EU has learned from these experiences. The book points out the structural strengths and weaknesses in the EU's approach to and implementation of crisis management, and it shows how they impact the EU's ability to cope with future crises. It fills a gap in the existing literature and, at the same time, provides decision makers with policy recommendations for improving the EU's performance in this field. *** "This is an important piece of research on the theory and practice of 'crisis management' as carried out by the European Union. The book constitutes a significant contribution to understanding the doctrine, the institutions and the actual policies that underpin the Union's external action. Its comprehensive and forward-looking approach ensures that both scholars and practitioners will find it an indispensable tool to rely upon in the future." -- Dr. Antonio Missiroli, Director of the European Union Inst. for Security Studies [Subject: EU Law]

Publication Date: 4/14/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780682327

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