Weaving Intellectual Property Policy in Small Island Developing States

By Miranda Forsyth, Sue Farran

Pacific Island countries are examples of small island developing states which face internal and external pressures to develop their economies through trade and investment in a global market. Integral to this is compliance with legal regimes often not of their own making. Among these are laws relating to intellectual property, which are imposed both by bilateral and multilateral Free Trade Agreements and by discourses of development. Against the local, regional, and international context, this book takes into account the importance of culture to indigenous societies, the social relevance of intellectual property and traditional knowledge, and national and regional strategies for encouraging innovation and creativity. Informed by a number of case studies, the book explores alternative models and approaches for creating an intellectual property framework that is geared towards meeting the particular needs of Pacific Island people in a rapidly changing world. The book focuses on fourteen Pacific Island countries, but the issues raised and solutions proposed have resonance for all Small Island Developing States and also many least developed countries. [Subject: Intellectual Property Law]

Publication Date: 9/17/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780682259