The Draft Common European Sales Law: Towards an Alternative Sales Law?

A Belgian Perspective

Edited by: Regine Feltkamp, Ignace Claeys

The EU Member States' sales law and related areas are on the verge of a major change. With the 186 articles of the Common European Sales Law (CESL), the Commission proposes an optional legal framework that covers the entire lifecycle of sales contracts and contracts for the supply of digital content, as well as related services. Although the aim is to govern these contracts without regard to other national rules of law, several aspects are not addressed and will continue to be governed by national rules. These national rules will also continue to apply if the parties decide not to submit their transactions to the CESL. Understanding the potential impact and usefulness of the CESL requires insight into its content, the relationship between the CESL and the other applicable national rules, and a critical analysis of its advantages and disadvantages. This book is the first to delve deeply into the content of the CESL and to analyze it from a Belgian law perspective.

356 pages

Publication Date: 10/24/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781780681801