Yearbook on International Arbitration

Volume III

Edited by: Marianne Roth, Michael Geistlinger

Arbitration is one of the most successful dispute resolution devices in the international arena, be it in the context of commercial disputes, investor-state conflicts, or sports controversies. This actual importance is attended by fast developing legal rules and practices concerning the various kinds and stages of arbitral proceedings. This third volume of the Yearbook on International Arbitration comprises 25 up-to-date contributions by 34 renowned scholars and practitioners from 13 countries around the world. It contains inter alia an analysis of the relationship between the increase in trade and the creation of dispute resolution institutions in MERCOSUL/R, an examination of mass procedures in investment arbitration, and a call for reasoned decisions regarding arbitrator challenges. Moreover, the book delivers valuable information on topical issues, such as the applicable law and the interrelation of European Union law, the delimitations of confidentiality, the handling of set off and counterclaims, trends regarding interim relief, and the enforcement of arbitral awards in selected jurisdictions. Recent cases and developments in investment arbitration, sports arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution complete the truly international survey.

430 pages

Publication Date: 5/28/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780681580