European Migration Law

By Pieter Boeles, Maarten den Heijer, Gerrie Lodder, Kees Wouters

At present, there is no such thing as a single corpus of binding rules within the European legal order which could be said to embody European migration law. The field of European migration law is covered by various legal spheres, providing a patchwork of relevant legislation and principles of law. This book brings together, in one context, the European and international legal regimes on migration as applicable to the territories of the Member States of the EU. Its focus is on: European Community legislation under Title III and Title IV of the EC Treaty; treaties concluded between the European Community and third countries; and international treaties concluded within the framework of the Council of Europe and the United Nations. These legal regimes are categorized according to the subject matter they deal with: free movement of EU citizens and their family members; association agreements with third countries; family reunification; long-term residence; labor migration; asylum; and measures of immigration control. Apart from exploring the substantive rules on migration in Europe as developed within EU and treaty law, the book focuses on the interplay between the different legal spheres and their impact on the legal position of individual migrants. It also reflects on the coherence and degree of harmonization of migration law in Europe.

467 pages

Publication Date: 10/25/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780681511