Active Ageing and Labour Law

Contributions in honour of Professor Roger Blanpain

Edited by: Frank Hendrickx

This book deals with active aging and labor law and is dedicated to Professor Roger Blanpain on the occasion of his 80th anniversary. For the European Union, active aging means growing old with good health, participating as a full member of society, feeling fulfilled if still employed, having more independence in daily life, and simply being involved as citizens. For labor law, active aging covers a wide variety of issues, such as age discrimination in recruitment and selection, seniority rules, pay and working conditions, as well as modern concepts such as work-life balance, involving working time regulations and adjustments made for older people in order to allow them to continue in the labor market. In this festschrift, leading scholars share their insights on the role of labor law in an aging society. The book's focus is on Europe, both the European Union as well as the Member States. However, in the tradition of Professor Blanpain's school of thought, a global mindset is used, including: comparative work, a perspective from the US, as well as an interdisciplinary understanding of labor law and active aging. (Series: Social Europe - Vol. 31)

334 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2012
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781780681245