The Principle of Mutual Recognition in Cooperation in Criminal Matters

A Study of the Principle in Four Framework Decisions and in the Implementation Legislation in the Nordic Member States

By Annika Suominen

This book thoroughly analyzes one of the essential principles in EU criminal law. It deals with the European Arrest Warrant, the framework decision on freezing, the framework decision on financial penalties, and the framework decision on confiscation and their implementation in the Nordic Member States. The book not only contains a discussion of the grounds for refusal, but also a comparative analysis of the implementation in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. To this end, the author applies a new systematization, which makes a more general analysis of the principle of mutual recognition possible. This includes introducing new reasons for the grounds for refusal. Furthermore, the principle of mutual recognition is analyzed in a theoretical setting, which includes general aspects, as well as an analysis of it as a legal principle. This book has been written from a Nordic point of view: it discusses the Nordic Arrest Warrant and points out differences between Nordic and EU cooperation. It provides new perspectives and new knowledge on the principle of mutual recognition, both in the EU and in the Nordic setting. (Series: Supranational Criminal Law: Capita Selecta - Vol. 11)

436 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780680095