Socialising Transgender

Support in Transition

By Kate Norman

Kate Norman seeks to counterbalance the prevailing medicalized approach to statutory support for transgender people, which tends to focus on the physical processes of transition rather than on subsequent social role adjustment. She relates her own research findings to additional data and publications within three main themes: first, the provision of social support to transgender people by dedicated and generic social care services; secondly, social care issues in relation to transgender identity and transgender status, including discrimination, transphobia, and mental health issues; and, thirdly, the effect of 'coming out' as transgender, and of transitioning, on relationships between transgender people and their families and friends, colleagues, neighbors, and the wider community. This book explores the potential for improved social support to transgender people, and also to partners, children, and other family members. It concludes by proposing a combination of advocacy and social care support to further the legal and social status of transgender people. (Series: Policy & Practice in Health and Social Care, Vol. 25) [Subject: Social Welfare, Gender Studies, Mental Health]

Publication Date: 6/22/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780460659