International Migration

The Wellbeing of Migrants

By Philomena de Lima

With events in Africa and the Arab world causing migration on a huge scale, migration has become a widely discussed and debated issue, pushing it to the top of the political agenda. Globalization, climate change, and demographic developments in the West provide a backdrop to the current discourses and policies on migration. There is a conflict between humanitarian impulses and protectionism. Recent decades have seen an increase in research and writing, in the UK and internationally, on the different aspects of migration. The increase in numbers and diversity of migrants is recognised as posing significant challenges and opportunities for social and public policies. Simultaneously the policy landscape on migrants' entitlements to public services, as well as notions of social protection, are in a state of flux in the context of the adoption of 'austerity policies' across the European Union and beyond. These trends have significant implications on access to services, including health and social care services. Author Philomena de Lima provides a contemporary understanding of migrants and migration processes and trends. She reviews the conceptual and theoretical discourses on 'integration' and citizenship rights with a particular focus on issues related to migrants' access to services, including health and social care services. This book aims to inform and educate social science students, policy-makers, and those wrestling on a practical level with the implications of migration. (Series: Policy & Practice in Health and Social Care, Vol. 21) [Subject: Social Welfare, Migration Studies, Public Policy]

Publication Date: 1/1/2017
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780460499