Child Protection, Public Health and Nursing

Edited by: Jane V. Appleton, Sue Peckover

This book highlights and examines the vital role of nurses in protecting children and young people from maltreatment. It explores the input of nurses from different disciplines and draws on relevant theoretical, research, and policy literature, yet focuses in particular on the evidence base for the value of their work. While orientated towards the UK practice, the book includes some comparative material to add a wider perspective. It includes discussion of specialist public health nursing roles, such as health visiting and school nursing, as well as the contribution of those who have more general nursing roles, but whose work brings them into contact with children, young people, and their families. The book will be of interest to all qualified nurses working in acute care and primary care settings who have contact with children, young people, and their families. It will also be of interest to those undertaking post-qualifying and post-graduate courses and will be particularly relevant for Specialist Community Public Health Nurses (SCPHNs), many of whom, once qualified, have significant child protection roles in practice. (Series: Protecting Children and Young People) [Subject: Nursing, Healthcare, Social Care, Children's Studies]

Publication Date: 12/9/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780460451