The Making of Europe

A geological history

By Graham Park

The continent of Europe, as a recognizable geographic entity, attained roughly its present shape around 20 million years ago. Even since then, the European coastline has undergone significant changes, due mainly to sea-level movements. This book relates how Europe has been assembled through geological time by the accretion of various distinct geological components, some of which have travelled a considerable distance across the globe to reach their present positions. It is written for those who are curious about the shape, variety, and origins of the continent of Europe. How did the continent come to adopt certain shapes as presented on maps? Why are there such distinct regions and landscapes, ranging from the wide plains of Northern Europe to the mountains of the South? Illustrated in color, with technical terms kept to a minimum, The Making of Europe: A Geological History will educate all those who travel in Europe and who are interested in the study of geology. *** "Profusely illustrated throughout, 'The Making of Europe: A Geological History' by Graham Park is extraordinarily well written, organized and presented, making it an informed and informative read that would be of value to students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in geology. ...very strongly recommended for both academic and community library Geology Studies reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists." - Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch, The Geology Shelf, January 2015 *** "...[includes] over 100 illustrations, maps, and photographs and over 300 geologic terms and names....explained in an extensive glossary cross-indexed to the text. ...the book is a cross between a geological dictionary, gazetteer, and historical atlas, and a standard geologic history. Recommended. All levels/libraries" -- Choice, Vol. 52, No. 9, May 2015 [Subject: Geology, Earth Science, Natural Science]

Publication Date: 9/25/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781780460437

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