Introducing Mineralogy

By John Mason

People have been fascinated by minerals since prehistory. The attractions lies in their colors, their beautiful crystal formations, the discoveries of their uses, and the metals that can be obtained from them. Minerals receive attention from a wide variety of people - mining executives, collectors, prospectors, and scientists unraveling their molecular structure and origins. However, for someone new to mineralogy, the subject can appear to be overwhelmingly complex. In a clear and logical manner, this book introduces the essence of mineralogy. It begins with the basic chemistry of minerals and the way in which the mineral kingdom is classified. It then considers mineral occurrences, both typical, such as the minerals that largely make up common rocks like granite, and atypical, such as concentrations of rare metals in ore-deposits. The ways in which minerals are studied - using microscopes and the importance of careful observation and interpretation - are discussed, and the topics of mineral collecting and related issues are addressed. The final chapters of the book explore the uses of minerals, both industrial and scientific, and take a look at environmental issues associated with mineral extraction and usage. Lavishly illustrated in color and complete with a glossary, Introducing Mineralogy is aimed toward students embarking on courses in the Earth Sciences, as well as the amateur collector who wants to find out more about these colorful rocks. *** "...educational and appreciable guide, suitable for all ages. A choice pick for public library geology shelves!" - Midwest Book Review, Library Bookwatch, Geology Shelf, March 2015 *** "It is a difficult tightrope to walk between the casual observer and potential, fanatical systematic collector, but the author has done a solid job of laying out a path that can be followed by either." - Mineral News, May 2015 [Subject: Natural History, Earth Science, Geology, Mineralogy]

160 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780460284