Introducing Oceanography

By David N. Thomas, David G. Bowers

Two thirds of our planet is covered by oceans and seas. Over recent decades, developments in ocean science have dramatically improved our understanding of the key role oceans play in the Earth's system, and how vital they are for regulating global climate. Humans depend on the oceans for many resources, but, at the same time, their impacts on the marine systems around the world are of increasing concern. Introducing Oceanography provides a succinct overview of the science of the study of the seas and is a topical guide to this enormous and complex subject. Initially, the book describes the oceans and the forces at work within them. It then discuss the effects of light, the chemistry of the seas, and the food web, before surveying biological oceanography in the main oceanic regions. The final chapter looks at the methodology of ocean study. Copiously illustrated, the book's technical terms are kept to a minimum and are explained in a glossary. *** "An amazing, engaging, and completely user-friendly survey, 'Introducing Oceanography' is enthusiastically recommended for public library collections and any individuals curious to learn more..." - The Midwest book Review, Library Bookwatch, January 2013, The Science Shelf [Subject: Oceanography, Earth Science]

160 pages

Publication Date: 9/20/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780460017