Mediation: An A-Z Guide

By Stephen Walker

This accessible, practical guide to the terms used in mediation consists of 360 alphabetical entries ranging from Absentees, Academy of Experts via Confidentiality and Contingency Fees to Zero Sum and ZOPA. All types of mediation are covered: civil and commercial, family, workplace and community although the emphasis will be on civil and commercial. Whilst primarily based on UK material, Mediation: An A-Z Guide draws on material from other countries, in particular the USA, Australia , Nigeria, and India. Each listed term has an explanation, comment, and symbols showing which type of meditation it has most relevance to, any country for which it has especial relevance, and any cases and legislation. The case name and reference and/or the relevant piece of legislation is provided in order to give the necessary pointers to those who would like to find more information on a particular case or piece of legislation. This affordable and portable title will benefit those practicing in, or interested in, mediation. [Subject: Mediation Law, Business & Management, Corporate & Business Strategy, Industry Psychology]

Publication Date: 12/19/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780439969