Setting Up in Business as a Mediator

10-week plan to get you to market readiness

By Stephen Walker

Concentrating on the market in England and Wales, but drawing on the experience of mediators who have successfully developed practices in other countries, this book is a practical guide to starting a mediation practice. Aimed at all types of mediators, it explains the need for a clear plan and what that plan should include. Remembering that a mediation practice is a business, the book demonstrates the need to know one's product and one's market in order to generate business through sales and marketing. It shows how to build a profile, find a mentor, differentiate oneself from other mediators, and how much to charge as a fee. While the core is civil and commercial mediation, the book also draws on the experiences of those who have developed mediation practices in other areas, such as family and workplace mediation. [Subject: Arbitration, Mediation, Business Management, Law]

Publication Date: 12/31/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780439938