National Infrastructure Planning Handbook 2016

Edited by: Michael Humphries QC

National Infrastructure Planning Handbook 2016 offers legal commentary on nationally significant infrastructure projects alongside the fully consolidated Planning Act 2008. This title is linked to the online service National Infrastructure Planning and provides articles and materials to help practitioners and consultants navigate the complex Planning Act 2008. The authors share best practice, new ideas, updates on new developments and advice and solutions for problem areas. Includes coverage of the following: The Examining Authority and the Secretary of State; National Policy Statements; Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects; Requirement for Development Consent; Pre-application Procedures; Information and Surveys; Making an Application; Contents of a Development Consent Order; Compulsory Purchase; Environmental Impact Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment; Other Application Documents; Pre-Examination, Examination and Post-Examination; Correction of Errors, Changes and Revocation; Legal Challenges; Enforcement; Miscellaneous Issues.

Publication Date: 12/29/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780438511