Lawyer's Costs and Fees: Conveyancing Fees and Duties

By Russell Hewitson

This 41st edition of Lawyer's Costs and Fees: Conveyancing Fees and Duties is one of a series of booklets which provide accessible, up-to-date scales of costs and fees in the UK in a practical and convenient format. Contents include: the UK's stamp duty land tax * land registry * local land charges - searches and enquiries * drainage and water searches * commons registration search * environmental searches and reports * coal mining searches and reports * tin and copper mining searches in parts of southwest England * china clay searches * radon searches * Cheshire brine subsidence searches * companies house * gypsum mining * the National Land Information Service * information available from "English Heritage" * London underground searches * Ordnance Survey information * Chancel repair * rates on interest under s 32 Land Compensation Act 1961 * law society interest rates * other telephone numbers.

Publication Date: 5/31/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780438504