Bills of Lading in Export Trade (4th Edition)

By Charles Debattista

Bills of Lading in Export Trade provides a clear understanding of the complex connections between the contracts of sale, carriage and letter of credit. Split in three parts covering (i) documentary control over the goods, (ii) risk, title to sue and property and (iii) tender of an applicable bill of lading. This title looks at the bills of lading document as an instrument of international trade, and concentrates on the different things that sellers, buyers and banks want out of bills of lading. It also considers the practical and legal problems which can arise when the sale, carriage and letter of credit contracts do not agree on what the bill of lading should look like. Since the last edition was published the Courts have had a number of opportunities to pronounce on several fundamental issues in international trade that this new edition will cover.

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Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781780438429

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