Food Law

By Katharine Thompson, Chris Willett, Neil Parpworth

Written by experts Food Law, 4th edition is the only book covering food and feed law in England and Wales. Written for practitioners and students, Food Law covers developments, discusses matters of particular difficulty, explains the torrent of legislation putting it in to context and covers relevant case law using illustrative examples where possible. The scope of food and feed law in England and Wales is ever widening. With stringent legislation in place, both nationally and emanating from the EU, the obligations in relation to food and feed law are increasingly onerous and constantly changing. Food Law also covers the law in related fields such as marketing standards for agricultural products, Community consumer protection as well as changes in the machinery of Government and covers the powers that have been given to DEFRA and the Department of Health and the decision by the Scottish Government to legislate and to take full control of Food Law for Scotland as a result of these powers. Contents: 1 The development of modern food law; 2 Central and local government control of food; 3 General principles and requirements of Community Food Law;; 4 Food Safety Act 1990: extent, subordinate, legislative powers, interpretation and presumptions; 5 Food Safety: rendering food injurious to health and inspection and seizure of suspected food; 6 Food Safety: unhygienic food businesses; 7 Hazards, warning systems, emergencies and crisis management; 8 Consumer protection: general offences; 9 Food labelling and advertising; 10 Food standards and descriptions; 11 Food claims and nutrition; 12 Food safety: additives, contaminants, flavourings, contact materials, residues and other substances in food; 13 Food hygiene: General; 14 Food hygiene: production and importation of products of animal origin for human consumption; 15 Food preparation and temperature controls: miscellaneous provisions; 16 Quantity and price marking requirements; 17 Feeding stuffs; 18 Enforcement: official controls on food and feed; 19 Enforcement: prosecutions and evidence; 20 Strict liability, defences, etc; 21 Civil remedies.

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780438214